About Us

Southeastern Capital LLC has over 50 years of combined business and financial experience, which can be put to work for your unique situation. We have a successful track record and experience that has withstood various economic cycles over the past half century. Our team understands the needs of businesses spanning several industries . We understand, not only from decades of experience in the finance industry, but also because of our successful ventures in the private sector. We know the intricate requirements that banks and lending institutions have of business owners, plus we have the added perspective of understanding the vision and needs of an entrepreneur.

Southeastern Capital LLC works with businesses and entrepreneurs on an individual basis to help them move from their initial need for capital all the way through approval for the type of financing right for their business. We offer insight and guidance gained from our experience as financial professionals and successful business owners.

Meet the Southeastern Capital LLC Team

James-BioJames Welsh

James Welsh has an undergraduate degree in Business Finance & Management, and started out as an entrepreneur before moving into the field of commercial finance. He brings decades of experience in commercial real estate, new business development, contract negotiation, construction, procurement, and commercial finance to help business owners get the financing they need to grow successful companies. James is passionate about helping businesses of all sizes accomplish their goals.



Dan Rizzo

Dan Rizzo has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and an MBA in Business. Dan has an extensive background in business and financial management, with expertise in financial strategy, logistics, business financial planning, acquisitions, and commercial finance. Dan understands the financial needs of business owners from his decades of experience in the private sector as well as from his consulting business, which has operated for more than 10 years.