Receivable Financing to Streamline Your Cash Flow

Financing your company’s outstanding accounts receivable list with us is a great way to improve your immediate cash flow without taking on debt. Instead, you sell your uncollected accounts to Southeastern Capital LLC, and we provide you with an advance while they collect on your business’s behalf. This not only gives our clients the cash they need to keep their operations on track, it also relieves them of the extra tasks associated with collections. Once each account is paid, we pass on the remainder of the balance, minus our fees.

Benefits from Financing Receivables

On top of avoiding new debt and simplifying your receivables collection process, factoring provides a variety of extra benefits.

  • No recourse on accounts that do not pay.
  • Cash quickly, often within 24 hours.
  • No fixed payments.
  • Increased volume of business automatically increases your available funding.

Financing their accounts receivable gives our clients the opportunity to:

  • Pay early or purchase from suppliers in bulk.
  • Take on large or unexpected orders.
  • Respond to cyclical opportunities, including seasonal demand.
  • Finance growth.
  • Extend services to a larger, more demanding client base.

Avoid New Debt

When we provide factoring services to a client, we are purchasing an asset from their business, because that’s what an outstanding receivable is. This makes financing receivables an ideal solution for any company seeking to increase their cash flow without adding to their overall debt load. Contact us today to learn more.