Financial Assistance in Funding Your Growth

Whether you work as a manufacturer, distributor, or a wholesaler, the task of securing new client orders is typically not the most difficult part of your job. The real challenge is having adequate resources to fill your current purchase orders while still being able to bring on new clients. Without the right type of financial assistance, you risk getting stuck in an ending cycle of simply filling the same orders. Fortunately for you, we here at Southeastern Capital LLC are here to provide that assistance.

Our Purchase Order Financing Program

Through the Purchase Order Financing Program that we offer, you’re able to get the financial backing needed to accomplish any number of tasks, such as:

  • Completing large orders already in progress
  • Securing trade financing for import/export transactions
  • Increasing your production capacity to accommodate larger clients

Such an infusion of capital is a great way to promote your company’s growth without having to rely on traditional financing partners or sell off any of your equity. Best of all, it’s available without affecting your business’ credit profile, allowing you to retain your traditional borrowing capacity.

Don’t let the financial challenges of fulfilling your role in the supply chain keep you and your company from growing. Let our team of seasoned commercial finance professionals here at Southeastern Capital LLC get you the capital needed to both satisfy your current customers’ demands and place you in the position to expand your market share. To learn more information about this exciting financing program, give us a call today.