A Faster Path to Federal Small Business Funds

Are you considering starting your own business? Do you already run your own company, and are looking for the financial backing needed to help ensure your long-term success. Plenty of other aspiring entrepreneurs have been in your position before. Many have failed to ever develop a strong enough financial foundation to give themselves a realistic chance in their respective markets. At the same time, many others have taken advantage of the tools at their disposal to successfully transition their companies from small businesses to thriving organizations. With the help that we here at Southeastern Capital LLC can offer, you have a much greater chance if being associated with the latter group.

Why Work with Us?

How can we make such a statement? Because of our status as an SBA Preferred Financial Services company. When you’re in the market for an SBA loan, we can help you by:

  • Helping to direct your loan application to lenders who been delegated the authority to approve such loans
  • Assisting you through every step of the loan submission and approval process
  • Getting you access to your loan funds faster than standard lenders

The business world can be ultra-competitive. We’ll help ensure that your loan application is processed at the true “speed of business,” which places you in a better position to stay on par with your competitors.

An Overview of the SBA Loan Program

The federal SBA loan program was specifically designed to help small businesses like yours to have access to all of the financial assistance needed to help guarantee their success. Provided that you meet the necessary qualifications, you could get access to up to $5 million through an SBA 7(a) loan, or $12 million with a 504 loan. The funds made available through these programs can be utilized on all manner of business transactions, from buying new business equipment or commercial real estate, to acquiring an existing company or consolidating your business debt.

Your success as a small business owner will depend largely on your ability to recognize opportunities as they arise and your ability to take advantage of them. Securing a federal small business loan through us here at Southeastern Capital LLC is one such opportunity. Our team is ready and waiting to help you to seize it. To get more information on how we can turn your dream of getting an SBA loan into a reality, give us a call today.


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