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Are you searching for a commercial real estate financing partner? With as volatile as the real estate market can be, your choice of lender can have a major impact on the potential success of your venture. What you need is a commercial finance company that can give you options beyond traditional bank loans. We here at Southeastern Capital LLC can be that partner.

Ask any of the clients that we’ve helped to secure real estate financing, and they’ll tell you that our strength lies in the diversity of funding sources that we can offer. When it comes to commercial real estate, that diversity is found through stated income loans. These types of loans are specifically designed for those looking to avoid the many hassles that come with working with traditional lenders. When you’re in the middle of a high-pressure real estate transaction, the last thing you want to have to worry about is obstacles in obtaining financing. You won’t encounter those when working with us.

The Advantages of Stated Income Loans

Stated income commercial real estate loans offer a number of advantages over traditional bank loans. These include:

  • Availability: Rather than basing your borrowing capacity on your company’s credit score, stated income loans instead gauge it based upon the financial potential of the property being considered. As long as its income value is enough the cover the mortgage and other associated fees, you can typically qualify.
  • Speed: Because we don’t have to operate under the same restrictions as traditional lenders, we’re able to turn your loan application around much faster, often in as few as 2-3 weeks.
  • Options: Many other companies such as yours have found stated income loans to be the ideal solution for purchasing properties, cashing-out equity, or refinancing their current commercial mortgage.

Finding success with a commercial real estate venture isn’t that great a mystery; you simply need to have the right resources at your disposal. Our team here at Southeastern Capital LLC can provide you with those, both through the financing tools that we offer and the collective experience that they bring. It’s our hope that you’ll let that experience benefit you on your next project. To get your commercial real estate loan application started, simply give us a call.