Enjoy Business Credit at the Right Cost

While the benefit of having a line of credit for your business can’t be overstated, the costs associated with it shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Given what you’re often forced to give up as collateral to secure credit, you may be left wondering if you’re really getting the financial flexibility that you need. Here at Southeastern Capital LLC, we completely understand this concern, which is why we’ve tailored our business credit lines to avoid it.

Outstanding Credit Options without the Need for Collateral

Our unsecured business lines of credit come with more benefits than just a fast approval process and outstanding interest rates; they also offer the advantage of not having to give up ownership of any of your assets as collateral. This allows you preserve that option for other opportunities, if needed. Whether your business is a large corporation and a fledgling start-up, our lines offer credit benefits such as:

  • $100,000 credit limits for smaller lines, $500,000 for larger ones
  • 0% introductory periods
  • Rates at 1-5% over prime on large credit accounts

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that you’re adding financial security while also being asked to give it up. We at Southeastern Capital LLC want you to be able to enjoy the full benefit of all of your business assets, while still enjoying the advantage of a reliable credit line. If you’re looking to enjoy business credit the way that it was always intended to be, call and speak with one of our financial experts today.